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Private flights with Jet Sharing

Most passengers think that private flights are costly. For many of them, traveling in a comfortable cabin on the chosen route, which allows working, relaxing, and saving time, is an excellent option with the only drawback - a high price.

Jet sharing (i.e., buying a certain number of seats on the private jet) is a new form of business aviation flights organization, making this service more affordable.


Jet Sharing


How does this model work?

Jet Sharing system allows passengers to divide the costs of flight without sacrificing the comfort of private aviation. The service is gaining popularity. For example, business people, who have already appreciated the new offer's advantages are trying to arrange flights with Jet Sharing. It became especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic when regular communication to most European countries became less convenient and safe.

Step 1
Leave a request on the website
Step 2
Select a seat category (sofa or chair)
Step 3
If you already have travel companions for your dates and destinations, we will add them to them. If not, create a new group for a set of clients
Step 4
As soon as the group gathers, you will receive a confirmation with the payment documents
Step 5
Payment of the bill, receipt of documents and the flight itself



Available Options

A flexible system allows you to rent any number of seats. Passengers traveling with a company or family can pay for a separate area with a table and sofas if such a configuration is provided for in the cabin.

Jets are flying to some destinations almost full, which means that air brokers can easily find fellow travelers and reduce the flight price. On average, when comparing the cost of jet sharing with chartering a private jet, the new service's price may turn out 90% lower.

Flights are formed based on the incoming requests. Most European tourist and business destinations remain relevant all year round. You can fly to the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and other countries at almost any time. A load of flights is constantly changing, so, if possible, we recommend you to book a jet in advance.


private flights with Jet Sharing


Schedule of approved flights

Below you can find information on the approved flights. You can join each of them. If the route includes 3 countries, but you can choose any destination. For example, if the jet flies on the route Moscow - Dubai - Male, you can land in Dubai or Maldives. Return flights are usually made directly to Moscow. You can clarify the cost of seats and obtain information on the flight by phone.

The current schedule shows only a small part of the flights operated- a complete list can be obtained from our consultants. We provide flexible conditions for the number of passengers on board. As a rule, the groups include 2 to 10 persons. The final cost depends on the number of passengers, destination, jet model, etc.



We will call you back and answer any questions about Jet Sharing and private flights


Prices for Jet Sharing flights

The cost of a business jet flight with Jet Sharing is based on:

  1. number of passengers (usually 3-12 people);
  2. type of seating (chair or sofa);
  3. private jet models;
  4. the flight distance (route);
  5. different additional services.


Therefore, each flight has an individual price. Due to the direct cooperation with the airlines, we offer our customers the most favorable conditions. Below you can find approximate prices for flights to the most popular destinations (for a common understanding):

  • Larnaca - from 2700 €
  • Geneva - from 3000 €
  • Milan - from 2500 €
  • Malaga - from 3500 €
  • Munich - from 3000 €
  • Olbia - from 4000 €
  • Paris - from 3000 €
  • Zurich - from 3500 €
  • London - from 4000 €
  • Dubai - from 5000 €
  • Cannes - from 3800 €
  • Ibiza - from 4000 €
  • Nice - from 3800 €
  • Tivat - from 3300 €
  • Bodrum - from 4500 €
  • Capri - from 5000 €
  • Moscow - from 3000 €
  • Saint Petersburg - from 3300 €
  • Kyiv- from 3500 €
  • Minsk - from 3000 €
  • Vienna - from 3200 €
  • Courchevel - from 4500 €
  • Berlin - from 3000 €
  • Barcelona - from 3500 €
  • Mallorca - from 3400 €
  • Monte-Carlo - from 3800 €
  • Rome - from 3000 €
  • Sardinia - from 4000 €
  • Maldives - from 9000 €
  • Seychelles - from 8000 €
  • Malta - from 3600 €
  • Lyon - from 3800 €
  • Crete - from 4000 €

As a rule, the indicated price includes (apart from the seat): one piece of luggage (weighing up to 25 kg), premium service throughout the flight, catering, departure from VIP terminal, fast line (for international flights), and the opportunity to arrive 30 minutes before departure of the plane. In addition, you can purchase an additional piece of luggage and take advantage of the airport transfer and concierge service.


You can also use the calculator on the website to find out the cost of the chosen flight online:




In 90% of cases, a flight is carried out at a fixed price if the minimum passenger capacity is reached (6-10 persons, based on the jet). Otherwise, you can split the cost of the flight between all flight destinations or cancel the flight (with a full refund). Anyway, we are always in touch and ready to inform you about all changes regarding your flight in advance.

If you want to cancel the flight that has already been paid for, you should consider the following points:

  • cancellation of flight more than 72 hours before departure — fine of 25%.
  • cancellation of flight less than 72 hours before departure — fine of 50%.
  • cancellation of flight less than 48 hours before departure — fine of 100%.

These funds will be spent for the compensation for jet booking and lost profits of the airline.

Below you can find a list and schedule of Jet Sharing flights. Only a small part of the flights is available on the website; full information can be obtained from the aviation consultants.




Reasons for the flight

Since the information on the documents required for traveling to different countries is constantly changing, the most reliable option is to contact the embassy of the country where you are heading and ask what documents are necessary to visit this country. Most European countries accept only the citizens or residents of the country of destination. Indirect grounds can be medical treatment, education of children, family reunification, and real estate ownership. But in the end, everything depends on the specific country. Our consultants will try to answer all your questions about the possibility of flights.

Who is Jet Sharing relevant for?
  • If you fly alone and don't want to rent an entire plane
  • Do you want to minimize the number of contacts with other people during the flight
  • It is possible to adjust to the flight schedule
  • Do you want to expand your circle of acquaintances and meet successful people
  • Fly business aviation for the first time and want to understand what it is
  • You are used to a high level of comfort during flights, but do not want to overpay for the entire business jet
  • No way to search for Empty Legs
  • For a flight with a family where there are children / elderly
How long does the group recruitment take?

It all depends on the date and route of the flight. For popular destinations, departures are made every week.
The consultant will try to guide you on the waiting time.



Jet Sharing vs. Empty Legs – main differences

At the moment, there are two popular flight schemes in the discount segment. These are Jet Sharing and Empty Legs. The first service implies sharing the cost of the flight with other passengers. The price depends on the time of booking, jet model, number of passengers, route, and some other factors, but it will be the same for each client.

Empty Legs system allows the passenger to use business aviation services with a discount of 20 to 70% of the flight's initial cost, as it represents a return flight (i.e., a flight without passengers). Most of the amount has already been paid by the customer who chartered the jet to the airport from which you are going to depart. Simultaneously, such a flight is not an economy-type option, so there is no lack of service: a passenger of Empty Legs gets the same benefits as a customer booking a regular private jet flight.

Both options offer significant cost savings compared to the private jet rental.


jet sharing in business aviation


Conveniences and benefits of jet sharing

Despite the reduced cost of the flight, customers can enjoy all the advantages of business jets:

  • Possibility of arranging an emergency flight.
  • Departures and landings at the airports inaccessible to the regular carriers.
  • Access to the conveniences of private flight.
  • VIP terminal pass with a guarantee of privacy.
  • Fast and simplified customs and passport control without queues and undue formalities.
  • Increased service standards: 2 flight attendants for a group of 13 people.

Business aviation quickly responds to the new challenges in a changing situation, providing the services with the declared level of comfort. With a complete ban followed by a restriction of flights on regular routes, charters continue to fly.


Private jet companies guarantee:

  • Complete disinfection of the cabin after each flight.
  • Improved air cleaning system (additional filters are installed).
  • Careful treatment with the recommended products to ensure the protection of surfaces from the viruses.

If you fly to a popular destination, the chance to find a jet sharing option is close to 100%.



What does the cost depend on ?

From the number of


Business Jet

Other less
significant conditions




Who is this service for?

Business people who value mobility and comfort choose business aviation. However, the cost reduction has expanded the range of customers using Jet Sharing:

  • Newcomers who want to take advantage of the business aviation service at a lower cost.
  • Travelers wishing to save time and avoid connecting flights.
  • The staff of the company traveling on schedule (jet-sharing flights always depart on time).
  • Single passengers who find it unprofitable to pay for the whole cabin.
  • Families with children or elderly relatives who find it difficult to travel on regular flights.

If you inform the air broker in advance, we will help you find the most comfortable and affordable trip.


private jet flight


Safety during the flights

We carefully monitor the level of safety of our clients during the flight. The crew regularly undergoes medical examinations and tests for COVID 19. All passengers are provided with personal protective equipment. Moreover, additional air purification and disinfection systems are installed in the aircraft cabin. And at the end of each flight, the business jet undergoes complete treatment and disinfection. Another important point is low passenger traffic in VIP terminals - as a rule, flights are separated from each other, so the contacts with other passengers are minimized. We are always open to dialogue and, if necessary, we will offer you the individual protection measures (for example, personal transfer to the jet).


How to find the next flights?

You can obtain the information on the next flights on our website, by phone, or in our mobile app. We will show you the jet photos (from inside and outside), list all the important features of the flight, and help you choose the most suitable option based on your preferences.

There are several options of flight - their number depends on dates and directions. Our air broker will help you find the most profitable offers from the leading airlines providing Jet Sharing services. Execution of official documents and the conclusion of flight agreement guarantees a high service level at all stages.


Jet Sharing
The cost of the flight depends on the number of passengers-share between all participants of the flight
Departures and arrivals via VIP business aviation terminals
Sometimes it turns out to combine with Empty Leg
Passenger check-in 30 minutes before departure
VIP lounge is included in the flight price
Baggage allowance without restrictions
You can take your pet to the salon with you
Full organization of the flight on a turnkey basis
The risks of changing the departure time of the aircraft are minimized
Business Class
Flight cancellations and shifts are possible
Regular terminal and airport
Registration is at least 1.5 hours in advance
VIP lounge is not included in the price
Limit on the amount of baggage and extra charge for "overweight"."
A large number of fellow passengers during the flight
Transportation of pets in the cabin is not possible
Chair rental
Fixed payment for a seat - the price does not depend on the number of passengers
You can buy several seats on the plane or a whole sofa
The most profitable flight option in business aviation
Passenger check-in 30 minutes before departure
All the privileges of a normal private flight are preserved
VIP lounge is included in the flight price
Baggage transportation is negotiated with the manager
You can take your pet to the salon (by agreement)
Full flight organization
The risks of changing the departure time of the aircraft are minimized



Other business aviation services

There are several options of renting a private jet with a crew. They differ in cost and some nuances (the general level of service and convenience in the cabin remains unchanged).

Classic rent: a passenger or a group rents the whole cabin. The service includes the possibility of choosing a jet and the development of an individual route. We try to meet all the passengers' requirements for the service and the environment. If necessary, the same jet will be waiting for the passengers to make a return flight. Actually, this is a kind of "air transfer" that fulfills all customer requirements for transportation.

Empty legs: jets chartered for one-way flights often return empty, which makes return flights much cheaper than the direct ones. Such flights are closely controlled by the air brokers, who form a database of free seats at an affordable cost with constant updates. This is an excellent offer for the clients traveling on certain routes, which allows them to save money without sacrificing comfort. This model is actively developing, so Empty Legs can arrange even urgent flights.

Corporate flights: in this case, jets are chartered for a group of employees for tourist or business trips. In most cases, commercial flights can't handle such requests, while the private companies can easily provide a free jet on demand (the service includes route planning, departure at a specific date and time, VIP terminal pass, etc.)


business aviation aircraft


Factors affecting the cost of a business jet flight

In the case of chartering a private jet, the price depends on the following factors:

  • Jet type: the larger and more comfortable the jet, the higher the price of the ticket. On average, the cost ranges from 1.500 to 14.000 € per hour (the upper end is not limited).
  • Route: the longer the distance, the lower the cost per hour. Airlines give preference to long-haul flights, as this reduces the cost of servicing at the airports. A medium-haul flight with one-stop often has the same price as a long-haul non-stop flight. The charter of a jet for a one-way flight is cheaper than a round trip.
  • Customer costs: the price also depends on the cost of VIP terminal pass (it is different in different airports) and catering.
  • Duration of parking (if applicable): the longer the jet waits for the passengers to carry out the return flight, the more expensive the parking.


Additional conditions apply for jet sharing:

  1. Number of passengers: the more passengers are onboard, the lower the price of the ticket for each of them. However, the maximum number of passengers on each flight is limited for a comfortable stay of all passengers on the plane.
  2. Factor of chance: if the shuttle is almost full, and the route, departure time, and conditions suit you, you can get a great discount. According to the jet owners, in this case, the cost will be lower than the price of a business class ticket.


Profitable travels to the top destinations

Private jet sharing flights are especially profitable on popular routes. The regular schedule of airlines offering private jets includes flights to London, Paris, and Dubai. Jet Sharing is also popular for flights to Geneva, Zurich, Nice, Cannes, Malaga, Ibiza, Larnaca, and Olbia.

If you're planning to visit one of the popular tourist or business centers, consider jet sharing and get the maximum profit!


rent a seat in a business jet


Benefits of working with an air broker

The company's clients receive an integrated package of services, due to which even the longest journey will be filled with pleasant emotions. We will find and prepare a jet taking into account all your requirements:

  • A base of jets around the world is at your disposal: we will choose a jet taking into account all the specified conditions.
  • We have business jets for short-, medium- and long-distance flights, as well as a fleet of helicopters for traveling to remote places that have no runway.
  • Routes are developed individually, taking into account your requirements for parking, time, and date of departure.
  • Service is arranged according to passengers' requirements.
  • Branded accessories are prepared for corporate flights.

The clients of our company will receive a perfect flight organization at an optimal cost. We try to find the best prices so that our customers get the best offer available on the market. Feel free to contact us! Private jets become available if you use jet sharing service.


jet sharing private jet

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